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In Google they do not stop creating tools to facilitate searches, in this case it is the specific search for flights to all countries in the world. You can sign in to try Google Flights in Spanish. It has been operating in the United States for more than a year, but now they have expanded coverage, appearing at the same time in several countries in Europe , such as Spain, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. From now you can find and book flights with origin in all these countries and destination to any part of the world. They have reached agreements with most airlines and warn us that some of them still do not appear, but they are in negotiations to include them soon. Google flghts The tool, with a marked Google style, is very visual and very easy to use . It consists essentially of two working modes, the presentation of a map that we can zoom in, zoom out and focus where it also shows prices to some destinations and calendar mode , very useful to decide the best day to fly, if we have that freedom . Simply fill in the initial fields of origin, destination, dates and round trip. Then you can set filters, such as maximum price, airline, with or without stopovers, etc. Almost everything can be done at the stroke of a mouse, without hardly writing, which gives it greater comfort and ease of use. Once the destination has been decided, we must click on the 'show flights' button to be presented with a list of all the possibilities that fit the search, ordered from lowest to highest price. I really liked the map function, where it shows us the cheapest prices, exploring possible destinations and looking at ticket prices in real time while we browse the map, for those who decide to travel but are not sure where. After deciding our flight, we must click on ' book ' which will take us to the pages of the different airlines, since Google only acts as an intermediary, acts only as a search engine, without applying any commission to the final price. The booking or purchase of flights is made directly on the website of the chosen airline. Although it is a tool that will possibly improve over time, without a doubt today it already meets all my expectations. It will be a must visit when I plan my next trip. Note: To access this search engine, at the moment there is no link in the menus of tools that Google presents on its pages, such as Gmail, YouTube or Drive, so if we want to use it we must write the following path follow this link .

Google Flights

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