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Find and book cheap flights with Google Flights      GoogleflightIt is now bursting with the websites where you can search for the cheapest airline tickets. However, that huge offer did not prevent Google from launching its own ticket comparator. And rightly so, because newcomer Google Flights offers a few possibilities that the competition has not thought of. google flights api Of course, Google Flights also wants to know all the usual information about you, such as the departure and return date, the composition of the travel group and the desired airline. What makes the new service different is that you do not necessarily have to enter a final destination. google flights explorer. Just like Google's regular search engine, Flights has an I do a guess button. The results are, however, far from random, because in addition to popular destinations, the comparison site also takes into account your search behavior from the past. Have you recently looked up information about New York or Berlin, then sooner or later there will undoubtedly also be an offer for those cities in the picture. book google flights by country Flights also makes good use of the technology of Google Maps: in addition to the chosen (or gambled) destination, the map also shows all the other cities you can fly on, complete with the accompanying price tag. For example, you can see at a glance the price difference between countries in Florence or - more than 100 euros cheaper - in nearby Pisa. But what we especially like about Google Flights is that you can freely scan the entire globe for inspiring and surprising destinations that are sometimes more affordable than you might think. On the calendar on the left you see immediately on which day (s) the airline tickets are the cheapest. The fact that Flights scoops up the information they search for almost as quickly as Google's 'normal' search engine is a bonus. google flights

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