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As we say a good example is better than great speeches. We will discuss a concrete example to show how to use Google Flights. The grip is easier than its big brother ITA Software but for a person who just a good price, it's already correct Show how to use Google Flights Just type the link or like the smart ones click on this link https://www.google.com/flights/ . Google flights Google Flights startup screen We arrive on a minimalist mask, but easy to understand for the basic draw, which I sometimes belong to. In addition, as he knows everything about my life, he knows that I am in Bordeaux, so he puts me by default Bordeaux as airport departure.But I can change of course. You go on + at the end of the line and you can choose other nearby airports. He is also in return trip. He is also in Economics and 1 Adult. You can change these settings. I will force the price to less than 1 750 € but I intend to pay less and activate the small histogram that I have framed or it is marked Lowest prices (if we pass on) Google flights flight search For my example I am going to look for a flight that leaves after the holidays. But if I let the software do once I have set the destination, it will give me the price of departures. And if I activate the lowest price and I look for the cheapest because it offers me by default a flight to € 1,085 and 30:50 flight. Google flights the first price given in relation to my choice To filter flights there are several solutions as we will see below. By choosing the dates of the flight in and out, we see the prices appear under the date. For example, my price is cheaper on January 21, but I do not know the flight time. Google flights Price table by date In the table below obtained by clicking Develop Chart. You can also view the price per day of departure and arrival. the low value is 783 €. Google flights Expand the chart If come back one day back, which was my starting idea the flight climbs up price and travel time too. I go to 1 085 € and the flight time is 30h 50. This means a night in Madrid and more. Google flights Back one day back By groping a little we get the right price and the right flight time. We have to be able to adjust the flight time by Plus, but I did not get there the first time. This reduces expenses and fatigue. We still have interesting information by looking at the information on extra baggage fees . This is a single suitcase for Iberia and 80 € charge for an extra suitcase by signaling it on booking. Google flights luggage charge information We found the right flight at the right price , but it is still to finalize its transaction and I found the solution by looking down You will find a line that tells you Try this search on ebookers - Expedia - Go Vooiages - Bravofly - Flight 24.fr. You just have to validate and you will have the link with its companies and will thus be able to finalize your flight. If the price is correct of course and the same duration. Beware because some join poorly as Ebookers (I think date problem to correct) and Go Voyages that does not understand the transfer when everything seems good. But it worked with 4 search engines. Google flights8 The results of the test in full size. If you go to the bottom of the screen you will find an interesting option because this module gives prices but can not book. Here is the result of my search for Ebookers which announce a price of 787,65 €. But you accumulate on a 7.88 € account. Google flights Results with Ebookers And after the result for Expédia announcing the good flights and the good price 782,65 € . the cheapest of 35 cts. Champagne !! Google flights Results with Expedia And to follow Bravofly who also has the same price 783 € and the same flights except the final flight Bogota Barranquilla ?? Google flights Results with Bravofly And the last one Vol24.fr which has a slightly lower price, 782,73 € and an interesting information indicates the number of places still available on this flight. And we are 4 months before the date of the flight. Like what should not be too late. Because at one point, I could not find these flights, only at a price higher than € 1,085. Which is not the same price 302 € more. Google flights Final results Vol24.fr Conclusion The results are not bad because the connection is good with a few small details. Google flights seem to me a good tool and we can by looking a little better still the model. There are options that I tested but not finalized with the choice of airports and the price and flight duration filters. But I let you narrow your search, and if you like this product come to comment.

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